Moringa is a plant, a tree, that is gaining a ‘new’ widespread appreciation for being beneficial – for helping people live better lives.  It is of the botanical family Moringaceae. We place new in quotations because the reputation and benefits of moringa are much older than when we have ‘discovered’ it.

The long list of benefits the Moringa tree provides have it known in some countries as “the miracle tree” and “the tree of life”.  The long edible pods that grow and hang from the tree look like drumsticks, so it is also known as “the drumstick tree”.  And in other circles the roots that look like very large horseradish roots, have others referring to it as “the horseradish tree”.

What is so wonderful about this tree is that all aspects of the tree have some type of benefit to share with the world.  Traditional Elders would say that all the medicine we need for our illnesses grow in our back yard.  With a moringa tree, there is much valuable medicine – that is – the nutrients, compounds and elements have the ability to sustain balance, maintain balance and create balance in living systems (the Traditional/Indigenous meaning of medicine).

Not only is moringa beneficial for humans, it is known to purify water and to restore depleted soil.  What more could you ask for?  Moringa’s origin is in India, specifically Tamil Nadu, having a recorded history in Ayurvedic medicine for over 4000 years.  Many Indigenous medicine traditions indicate moringa is useful for over 300 illnesses found in man.  Its original name is saubhajnana, meaning “knowledge of the heavens”, or shobhanjana, meaning “very auspicious tree”. It now grows throughout the world.  Our moringa comes to you straight from Africa, specifically Ghana. In many African languages, moringa is referred to as Nebedeye, or “never die”.  There are over a dozen varieties of the moringa tree with moringa oleifera being the most researched.   In 2008, the World Health Organization and the National Institute for Health in the United States, referred to it as the “plant of the year”.  It is a plant that is just becoming recognized in western culture, and already is being used in many parts of the world for malnutrition and development of health.


Keeping it simple and providing you a quick glance – according several moringa nutrition resources, gram for gram moringa has:

Moringa is fast gaining a reputation for helping things like inflammation, chronic illness, effects of depleted nutrition, effects of aging and staying healthy, strong and vital – not just for adults, for children, babies and nursing mothers.  We do hope you will get as excited as we are about moringa, the products we offer and the vibrancy it brings to the world. If you are not sure where to start – perhaps you might want to try moringa tea.  Have a cup a day and see what benefits it has for you.




I was struggling with my energy levels for a while, and I was desperate to find a solution and someone suggested that I try moringa and I immediately felt revitalized and energized. I now take it daily.
– Greg, Vancouver

My hair and nails have been brittle, dry and broken for years. I have also struggled with acne for most of my life, after trying everything I came across moringa and I’m so glad I did! I’m so much more confident now!
-Pam, Saskatoon

I have suffered with mental fogginess, confusion, and have hard time concentrating on tasks. I started taking moringa and noticed I was able to be much more productive
– Peter, Waterloo

After trying moringa I lost a significant amount of weight, I noticed that my appetite decreased and my portions got smaller. I would suggest moringa to anyone trying to lose weight naturally.
-Becky, Toronto


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